Running a business has many challenges. Make regulatory compliance for your environmental waste one less thing you have to worry about. Let Sesco assist you in reducing your regulatory burden and lowering your overall waste disposal cost.

  • Free Site Assessment: One of our experienced staff will provide a free environmental site assessment of your site. We will review any areas of regulatory concern, and provide knowledgeable compliance and cost saving recommendations.
  • Waste Classification: The EPA requires businesses to identifiy and classify all waste they generate. Sesco can assist you in properly identifying and documenting what waste is hazardous, non hazardous, or possibly exempt from EPA regulations. Once we’ve identified the various waste categories we can then offer cost saving disposal options such as reycling and product reuse.
  • Sampling and Analysis: You can meet waste determination requirements by using one of two methods, generator knowledge or laboratory analysis. Sesco can sample a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials to assist in making that determination. All samples are tested at certified environmental labs.
  • EPA&DOT Review: If your waste is determined to be hazardous, the generator must manage it in accordance with RCRA regulations, which include requirements for managing, tracking, recordkeeping, storage, transportation, treatment, and disposal. Sesco can assist in determining if your waste falls under Federal, State, or Local EPA regulations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Sesco will review and discuss the environmental laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to your business. We can provide assistance in managing hazardous waste, and help your environmental personnel sort through the various regulations to facilitate the safe handling, packaging and disposal of hazardous wastes.
  • Environmental Reporting: We will help review and discuss required documentation for the relevant reporting agencies, including any federal, state, or local environmental reporting requirements.
  • Record Keeping: We will review, and help your company maintain the proper documentation of all wastes generated at your site.